Tuesday, 6 April 2010

CinemaShares.com - A Finalist in the Vator.tv Competition

CinemaShares.com holds a License to U.S. Patent (# 6792411) for Crowdfunding major movies and recently was a Top Ten Finalist in the Vator.tv Competition in San Francisco. CinemaShares.com is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaShares whose Business Method allows any company to raise funding through a unique new online IPO by selling NASDAQ Capital Market stock on its own Web site. Movie companies, NASCAR Teams, and others use this new technique to get funding from their fans or customers. The clip below is a video of the CinemaShares winning presentation:

CinemaShares.com will use this method of Crowdfunding to finance our first project, a Christian-themed film on Dr. David Livingstone, the famous 19th Century African missionary. CinemaShares has obtained the rights to "David Livingstone - The Truth behind the Legend," by Rob Mackenzie. This is the best-known Christian-themed book on Livingstone and Rob is recognized as one of the world's experts on Livingstone.

Here is a link to a video of Rob that we filmed in Zambia while location scouting for the film:

Movie Fans can participate in the financing of this film and follow its production by signing in to the film's Web site:

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