Friday, 15 October 2010

MediaShares/Gene Massey TechCrunch Interview

In this interview with Sara Lacy, Gene Massey talks about MediaShares unique new method of Crowdfunding through SEC-compliant online stock offerings.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Foundershowcase Pitch Competition

Greetings Crowdfunding Fans!

Here is a link to a short video on our recent pitch (and the VC's comments) about Crowdfunding through SEC-Compliant Online Stock Offerings at the Foundershowcase in Silicon Valley: (It is HD so it takes a moment to load)

Monday, 31 May 2010 - Beta Test Page for Stock Purchases

Hello Crowdfunders!
The Beta test for the new sign-in pages for's online stock sales can be viewed through this link:
These are test pages only to show our partners how the sign-in might work and to get their feedback . will notify all interested parties when our S-1 Registration statement is effective and when we can legally sell stock in our next film. Any questions, please contact Gene Massey - 310-871-3668 cell

Irvine Entrepreneur Forum June 1st, 2010

Greetings Crowdfunders. We are happy to announce that's Patent-Holding parent company, MediaShares, has been selected as one of 14 presenting companies at the Irvine Entrepreneur Forum on June 1st. See the schedule here:
If you cannot attend, you may download the PowerPoint Presentation:

Tuesday, 6 April 2010 - A Finalist in the Competition holds a License to U.S. Patent (# 6792411) for Crowdfunding major movies and recently was a Top Ten Finalist in the Competition in San Francisco. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MediaShares whose Business Method allows any company to raise funding through a unique new online IPO by selling NASDAQ Capital Market stock on its own Web site. Movie companies, NASCAR Teams, and others use this new technique to get funding from their fans or customers. The clip below is a video of the CinemaShares winning presentation: will use this method of Crowdfunding to finance our first project, a Christian-themed film on Dr. David Livingstone, the famous 19th Century African missionary. CinemaShares has obtained the rights to "David Livingstone - The Truth behind the Legend," by Rob Mackenzie. This is the best-known Christian-themed book on Livingstone and Rob is recognized as one of the world's experts on Livingstone.

Here is a link to a video of Rob that we filmed in Zambia while location scouting for the film:

Movie Fans can participate in the financing of this film and follow its production by signing in to the film's Web site:

Latest Comments from Legendary VC Investors

This video is a discussion among legendary VC's Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway and David Hornik, about the latest Silicon Valley investments and how valuations are accelerating.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Most Successful Crowdfunding Example-

For you believers out there, this Web site for is perhaps the most successful example to date of the followers of a Web site funding a movie. These U.K. Filmmakers funded their movie online to the tune of over $1MM USD from their fans. In this 23 minute video, they explain how they did it:

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 - A Finalist in the Competition

Last month was a Top Ten Finalist in the Splash Competition in San Francisco for startup companies. Out of a field of 200 companies competing, CinemaShares finished as a Top Ten Finalist. We would like to thank the judges for this terrific opportunity to have participated in this event, and thank for the prizes we won.Here you can see a short summary of our unique new method of funding movies online and the video of our 3-minute presentation: holds a License to the MediaShares unique U.S. Patented (U.S. Patent # 6792411) Business Method for Crowdfunding movies. We will use this method of Crowdfunding to finance our first project, a Christian-themed film on Dr. David Livingstone, the famous 19th Century African missionary. CinemaShares has obtained the rights to "David Livingstone - The Truth behind the Legend," by Rob Mackenzie. This is the best-known Christian-themed book on Livingstone and Rob is recognized as one of the world's experts on Livingstone.

Here is a link to a video of Rob that we filmed in Zambia while location scouting for the film:

Movie Fans can participate in the financing of this film and follow its production by signing in to the film's Web site:

Saturday, 13 March 2010 - Using's Business Method is Using the Patented Business Method. is a financial services company that earns its revenues by providing a new mechanism (U. S. Patented Business Method, software, and marketing techniques) that enables any company to raise capital from the general public on its own Web site

1- Using an SEC-approved method of Crowdfunding, this new mechanism:

A. Creates a NEW TYPE OF ONLINE IPO for any company that needs capital by providing a method to offer their stock on their own Web site. Such an offering is made through Direct Registration, with or without the traditional underwriter.

B. Creates a NEW TYPE OF ONLINE IPO for media and entertainment companies to sell their stock online to their specific target audience (THEIR FANS or their Affinity Group).

C. Produces massive multiple revenue streams through licensing our business method, software, and marketing techniques to any company planning an IPO.

2- Other Crowdfunding methods, and even some of the individual components of our Business Method, are already being used in some manner on the Internet. It is our way of combining and applying these elements to an online IPO that makes us unique. For example, Direct Registration/DRS is a method of selling a company’s stock online. Home Depot’s Web site allows anyone to buy HOME DEPOT STOCK on its Web site directly from Home Depot using Direct Registration. Our Business Method also uses Direct Registration, but we apply Direct Registration to selling stock in an online IPO.

3- Our Business Method provides an SEC-approved, legal means of selling single shares of stock online to an entertainment company’s FANS (its affinity group).

4- Our unique Business Method offers to each shareholder a free product, (usually a DVD, delivered as a stock dividend) with a retail value that is worth the cost (about $23) of her share purchase.

5- Our Business Method can be applied to Crowdfunding Entertainment projects on the Internet. We now have the capability to create an online IPO for an entertainment company owning a Movie, a NASCAR team, a record album, a Broadway Show, or any entertainment entity with a large FAN BASE and Distributed Media as its end product.

6- Our methodology creates massive online communities of loyal fans around each company. Selling related products to these fans online can be highly profitable.

7- Our massive online communities offer the extraordinary opportunity for numerous collaborative retail partnerships

8- We have in-house projects ready to proceed to an IPO using our methodology:

a- A Christian-themed movie on Dr. David Livingstone

b- A NASCAR Team

9- holds an issued U.S. Patent for this unique Business Method (U.S. Patent # 6792411)

10- We have major partners working with us to implement our business method:

a. BNYMellon – A Direct Registration provider

b. Computershare - A Direct Registration provider

c. Ellen Phillip & Associates – A company with a precedent for a similar business model for selling shares online, EPA will handle our data management and shareholder logins

11- We have assembled a stellar team to implement our Business method:

a- Dan Sherkow is the former V.P. Paramount Pictures and has an SEC series 7 license.

b- Jim Volpe INVENTED the Direct Registration system (DRS) for online securities.

c- Peter Elwell (CFO) is a California CPA and has extensive SEC reporting experience with major Corporations including Disney and KPMG.

d- Ileana Rizescu is a former PWC consultant who develops and implements sophisticated e-commerce systems for Pepperdine University.

e- Gene Massey,’s founder, has owned a Los Angeles film production company for many years, implementing highly successful marketing campaigns for Callaway Golf and others.

We need a minimum of $500,000 to a maximum of $1,000,000 now to implement the first IPO. An investment in MediaShares can be structured as straight equity or a loan with all or part convertible to stock in the first IPO.

Any interested parties should feel free to contact Gene Massey at the numbers below.

All the best to you,

Gene Massey


MediaShares and

The Livingstone Film Company, Inc.

Producers of "Livingstone - An African Legend"

1334 Westwood Blvd. Suite 6

Los Angeles, California 90024

Phone (U.S.) 1-310 476-3668 or 1-310 871-3668 cell


"Imagine a million or more Christian movie fans online, each holding a single NASDAQ share of stock in a public company owning one major motion picture. These shareholders follow the production of their movie online, while waiting for their stock dividend of a free DVD and their share of the movie's earnings."

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Crowdfunding Examples

Crowdfunding of Music Groups:

Fan financing, or crowdfunding, is already being used by a wide variety of online companies worldwide. For example, and offer music fansthe opportunity to invest in up-and-coming BANDS seeking funding for their next album. On these Web sites, a band posts a demo of their music that they would like to record professionally. If a fan thinks the band’s demo has promise, he or she can pay as little as $10 and buy a participation unit in the band and later receive a free download of the band’s album when it is released. The fans thereby fund the albums they want to hear, by buying them before they are made.

Crowdfunding of Major Movies

Fan financing, or crowdfunding, can also be applied to MAJOR MOVIES. There are a number of companies worldwide who have already started fan-financing movies besides for example. This is a site for fan financing movies on a smaller scale. There is also a French Web site offering Crowdfunding of movies:

We must also mention one of the most successful online game sites for fan financing movies - However, this Web site does not really finance movies, as it is just a game for people who want to pick which movies and which stars will succeed at the box office. The site is so successful that over 700,000 users spend an average of 30 minutes per day on the site,pretending to invest in movies. Word has it that they are developing a system to compete with for fan financing movies in the not-too-distant future.

In the U.S., no one (that we know of) other than has perfected the mechanism of selling single shares of fully registered NASDAQ-listed stock in a movie to online fans through an IPO. We have developed our method of selling stock online using Direct Registration/DRS. Our online affinity groups replace the typical network of brokers working for investment-banking firms that underwrite the offerings. CinemaShares holds a U.S. Patent (# 6792411) for our new method of selling stock online and giving a free DVD as a stock dividend for each share purchased.

Like the other fan financing examples above, our business method also builds and fully monetizes massive online communities around each entertainment company by offering each fan tremendous value for their single share purchase. In addition to their stock, participants in one of our offerings also receive such benefits as:

  • Daily Video clips and pictures from the movie set
  • Contests to be in the movie or have dinner with the stars
  • Voting on certain non-essential but fun items
  • Participation in online chat groups and forums
  • E-mails from the stars and producers
  • Special merchandise offers of discounted hats and T-shirts
  • Discounts to affiliated retail merchants
  • E-mailed autographed pictures of the stars

These benefits are in addition to the free DVD dividend and the cash earnings that each fan receives. We also provide a similar package of benefits to fans purchasing stock in our other entertainment projects such as NASCAR Teams.

The management of believes that we offer tremendous value for the purchase of a single share of our preferred stock and we feel that anyone would agree that this is a truly remarkable value for a mere $22 investment.